Can T-Swift End the Tomahawk Chop?

A Native American advocacy group hopes Taylor Swift can put an end to the “tomahawk chop” at Kansas City Chiefs games.

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There’s a lot going on the world this week but pop culture is still very consumed with seemingly one thing, the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance.

Taylor’s appearance in the Kelce family suite at last weekend’s game against the Bears has sparked a media frenzy that some are hoping can also spark another almighty woke virtue signal.

The Native American advocacy group “Not in Our Honor” hopes that Taylor Swift can end the controversial “tomahawk chop” during Chief’s games as she did not participate alongside other fans who took part in the popular salute while at the game.

This Native American group insists the hand gesture is racist and must end and they think the wildly popular and influential Taylor Swift can get it done.

I hate to break it to the wokesters, but this little fling between Swift and Kelce likely will not last long enough or be powerful enough to end a tradition that Chief’s fans have been taking part in for decades.

Here’s to hoping the fling between marriage and politics is as short-lived!

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