Joe Slips When Referring to “Hispanic Voters…”

Joe Biden accidentally said the quiet part out loud when talking about Hispanic voters..

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

When someone slips and tells you EXACTLY what their plan is…believe them. 

That’s certainly my advice for Joe Biden’s latest Freudian slip.

While on a Spanish radio show, Joe was mumbling and fumbling about the mass immigration crisis (more commonly referred to as the invasion), when he slipped and referred to Hispanic migrants as “Hispanic voters.”

If there was ever a doubt in your mind that Democrats are opening the border to bolster their future voting bloc, this should be another wake up call. 

Of course Democrats see these illegal immigrants as future voters. That has always been the plan and Joe just slipped and admitted it. 

He said the quiet part out loud. 

But here’s my thing, imagine what Joe would slip and say in a debate with Trump with no prompter, no pre-selected questions, no one to rush in and save him…

Joe will be his own worst enemy, so let’s keep pushing him to talk! 

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