NYC Mayor Adams Suggests Migrants Become Lifeguards

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has yet another interesting solution to his migrant crisis.

Just wait until you hear this one!

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It’s no secret New York City is inundated with illegal immigrants. 

They are bankrupting the Big Apple and causing crime chaos to boot. 

But New York City Mayor Eric Adams has a solution to put these people to good use. 

In a recent press conference, Mayor Adams suggested illegal immigrants could take up lifeguarding due to the fact that the city has a shortage of lifeguards and migrants are “excellent swimmers.”

No folks, this is not satire. He really did say that. 

Not only is that a horrible idea, it really does not sound too good. 

This comes on the heels of New York Governor Kathy Hochul suggesting that black kids from the Bronx don’t know what a computer is…

Now you tell me what the national outrage would be if a Republican governor suggested black children are too regressive to understand the word “computer…”

Or if a Republican mayor were to stereotype migrants as “good swimmers…” 

Talk about “foot in mouth” syndrome!!

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