DNC Convention to Go Semi-Virtual?

Team Biden is terrified of what could happen at the DNC Convention in August. 

So much so they are reportedly pushing for a semi-online format! 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

The DNC Convention set in Chicago this August is going to be a real circus. 

According to reporting from Politico, Joe’s advisors are so worried about the pro-terrorists overshadowing the DNC convention this summer, they are pushing to move it semi-online to minimize disruptions and demonstrations. 

One option under consideration would be to have a pre-taped delegation roll call from each state. 

A video montage would be a safer bet to minimize delegates going rogue on a hot mic. 

This is all so embarrassing for the Democrats. Not only do they have a senile candidate that nobody wants, they’ve also gotta grapple with the pro-Hamas wing of their own party. 

They say Republicans are divided?! That’s laughable. 

Get your popcorn ready, summer in Chicago may be the greatest political circus of all time!

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