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KILMEADE & FRIENDS Weekdays 9am-Noon ET 1-866-408-7669

Hosted by Brian Kilmeade of the top rated morning show in cable news, Fox and Friends.   Brian will offer his take on the top stories of the day, with newsmakers and guest experts offering their insight and perspective, along with segments featuring the top personalities of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.  And, of course, listener’s point-of-view and discussion are always welcome.  And it’s all presented by affable, everyman … Brian

THE JOHN GIBSON SHOW Weekdays Noon-3pm ET 1-888-788-9910

THE TROUBLE BEGINS…NOW! On John’s show you won’t hear all callers in agreement with the host all the time…you won’t hear the same myopic themes beaten to death day after day…you won’t hear the same newsmakers saying the same old thing. Instead, you’ll hear guests with something new and compelling to offer. And, of course, if there’s a big story (war, politics, culture, entertainment, immigration, religion – things people care about), John will be all over it and he won’t back down. Dissent is encouraged…all opinions are on the table. The trouble begins Monday – Friday 12pm ET.

THE TOM SULLIVAN SHOW Weekdays 3pm-6pm ET 1-866-859-2788

Tom Sullivan is a daily, topic-driven look at news and issues that have or will have impact on your life along with a give-and-take discussion with listeners on those issues. One of the west coast’s most successful talk hosts, Tom brings integrity, life experience, intellect and likeability, as a benchmark of his show. Anchoring on the Fox Business Network places him in a unique position at a time where economic topics are important to us all, allows his business acumen to be of particular value to Fox News Talk listeners.

THE ALAN COLMES SHOW Weekdays 6pm-9pm ET 1-877-367-2526

“The Alan Colmes Show” is the nationally syndicated, and most interactive talk radio program on the planet, hosted by industry veteran and “Hannity & Colmes” co-host, Alan Colmes. The show offers a bold take on the news of the day, with A-list guests such as Senator John Kerry, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as well as cultural icons like Ray Romano and Charlie Daniels. During breaking news events, “The Alan Colmes Show” offers all of the resources of the FOX News Channel with access to international correspondents. “The Alan Colmes Show” welcomes “Any and All Opinion, Any and All the Time” weeknights from 6pm – 9pm ET.


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