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BRIAN KILMEADE SHOW Weekdays 9am-Noon ET 1-866-408-7669

Hosted by Brian Kilmeade of the top rated morning show in cable news, Fox and Friends.   Brian will offer his take on the top stories of the day, with newsmakers and guest experts offering their insight and perspective, along with segments featuring the top personalities of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.  And, of course, listener's point-of-view and discussion are always welcome.  And it's all presented by affable, everyman ... Brian

THE GUY BENSON SHOW Weekdays 3pm-6pm ET 1-833-456-1300

The Guy Benson Show offers listeners smart, fast-paced political and cultural insights from a right-leaning perspective. Blending major news-maker guests, a steady stream of Fox News Stars, passionate and informative monologues, and perspectives from callers.

The Guy Benson Show presents an energetic, informed, and often humorous take on the biggest news events and controversies of the day. It's fresh, unconventional conservative talk radio from a fresh, unconventional young conservative.



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