UNC Chapel Hills SLASHES DEI Programs

UNC Chapel Hill votes to dismantle its DEI program and divert funds to campus police. 

Forget what the media tells you, woke is dying and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

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Over the weekend at UNC Chapel Hill, pro-terror thugs vandalized campus buildings with red paint and handprints, but perhaps they overplayed their hand.

Because thanks, in part, to that and other campus incidents, the UNC at Chapel Hill board of trustees voted to dismantle the university’s DEI programs and divert that $2.3 million they were wasting on woke, to the campus police and public safety measures. 

And it gets even better, in an upcoming vote set for next week, the whole North Carolina state public university system may follow suit on restricting those worthless DEI programs.

The DEI cuts were already on the chopping block, but the campus mayhem likely sealed the deal. 

That kind of thing might fly at Columbia or UCLA, but North Carolina still has some decency left and it’s holding on to it, at least for now. 

Woke is on its way out and DEI is on its deathbed! 

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