Target Downsizes PRIDE Push

After last year’s rainbow mafia overload debacle, Target will dial back the PRIDE displays this year. 

I consider this another “W” in our column. 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Last June Target went all-in and overboard with pride displays, tastelessly promoting junk-tucking swimwear and more. 

This move was met with well-deserved backlash and perhaps even a lesson learned. 

This pride month, Target announced LGBTQ adult apparel and home goods will be sold in select stores only, based on historical sales performance. 

That amounts to about half of its 2,000 stores, a drastic dial back from last year’s blow out. 

This is bigger than Target, it’s a win for decency and common sense. 

Why should big box stores ram the celebration of sexual preference down our throats and parade it in front of kids? 

We should be able to shop at family friendly stores and not be forced to navigate adult items based on adult themes at every aisle. 

Turns out conservative buying power does hold some weight and we should throw it around more often! 

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