80 to 100 THOUSAND people showed up in Wildwood, New Jersey to support Donald J Trump. 

You think Joe could do that?

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

80-100 THOUSAND patriots showed up in Wildwood, New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, likely the largest political rally that state has ever seen. 

You think Joe Biden could do that? Any of that? 

First of all, there aren’t 80-100,000 people who would show up to a Biden anything. 8-10 is pretty much his max. 

No one that isn’t paid to be, is excited about Joe Biden. 

And do you really think Joe could stand in front of a crowd that size and go pretty much totally off-script while also navigating a gag order? 

Heck, do you think Joe could just remain upright in that kind of situation? 

The honest answer- even for you Lefties out there, is no. You know it and I know it. 

That’s another reason we need a debate schedule. 

Just imagine what it would look and sound like for Joe to stand on a stage without a teleprompter and debate Trump for 60-90 minutes!

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