From Washington: Republicans Prepare To Take The Helm

With just over two weeks until the Midterm Election, Republicans are hoping to take back control of Congress. In doing so, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram takes a look back at when Rep. McCarthy was first poised to become Speaker, what challenges he could face in the role, and what his political past could tell us about a potential GOP-led Congress.

Georgia kicked off early voting for the November elections this week, with vote counts surpassing the 2020 Presidential Election records for the second day of early voting and nearly doubling the number in the 2018 midterms. Professor of Political Science at the University of Georgia, Charles Bullock III weighs in on the reasons behind this year’s strong interest, top voter issues in Georgia, and how the state’s booming economy makes up a critical part of the election. Later, he shares his read on the Black vote in the state’s senate race, thoughts on debates and town halls, and whether Georgia has truly shifted to become a swing state.