From Washington: President Biden Hits Republicans In Primetime

Thursday night, President Biden delivered a prime-time speech in Philadelphia in which he addressed the ongoing “battle for the soul of the nation.” During his remarks, President Biden claimed that democracy was under attack due to what he describes as the ongoing threat of former President Donald Trump and right-wing extremism. Critics argued the President’s attacks on “MAGA Republicans” only further polarizes the nation, going against his promise to unify the country upon taking office. FOX News Radio Political Analyst and Senior Political Correspondent at Axios Josh Kraushaar weighs in on the partisanship of the speech and the overall temperature of Americans when it comes to the President.

Last week, California regulators announced that it will ban all gas car sales by 2035 in an effort to go green. Following the announcement, many Californians are concerned that their state’s power grid is not prepared to handle the charge of so many electric vehicles. FOX News National Correspondent Jonathan Hunt discusses the challenges and limitations of the ban, consumer concerns regarding electric vehicles, and whether or not this is a trend other states will follow.