From Washington: A Change In Trajectory

Democrats and Republicans alike are gearing up for the general Midterm Election on November 9th, 2022. Pollsters have been pointing to a red wave, but with the overturning of Roe V. Wade and President Biden’s recent legislative wins, FOX News polls reflect a change in the trajectory of voters. Anchor of The Story on the FOX News Channel and host of The Untold Story podcast Martha MacCallum emphasizes that candidate popularity will have an immense impact on the results and points out significant changes that are worth paying attention to such as redistricting and the sudden shift from Blue to Red amongst Hispanic voters.
One year after the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, earlier this month the U.S. announced the killing of Al Qaeda’s terrorist leader, Ayman al- Zawahri, Americans are not only wondering how the U.S. plans to keep citizens safe from future terror threats, but how the rapid exit affected the Middle East as well. FOX News Contributor and former CIA Station Chief Dan Hoffman examines the threats that are emerging in Afghanistan, how the withdrawal has led to the return of terror groups, and the challenge of performing counter-terrorism in the region.