Ep. 8 – The Wrap Up with Producers

At this point, you may be as sure as Angela Prosinski, the juror from the first trial that I spoke with in episode 4, that Cal murdered his wife. After all, there are a lot of things that, taken as a whole, could equate to Cal being a murderer. You have people who say Cal threatened Michele and was angry and controlling. You have the prosecution telling you that Michele and Cal were in the midst of a bitter divorce, a divorce that Cal did not want. And you have a small amount of blood found in the Harris’ estate.

Conversely, you may be just as certain that he didn’t do it. As Bruce Barket points out, the small amount of blood found in the Harris’ estate does not equate to a crime scene – much less, the place where Cal killed Michele. And what about all of the resources dedicated to investigating Cal as the murderer. With all of the attention on him, it seems hard to believe he could have killed his wife and hid the body without someone being the wiser.

Tune in to the crew that put it all together. Lis Wiehl, Jennifer Williams, Rick Buser, and William Sanchez

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