Ep. 6 – The Jury is Deadlocked in the Third Trial

Going into the third trial, Cal is making an effort to uncover the truth.

The third trial began on February 5, 2015. Once again, the prosecution’s theory is that Michele was murdered and that Cal was the one with the motive and the opportunity to do it. The evidence will show this to the jury. The Defense argued that investigators have spent years looking at the wrong man. The marriage wasn’t perfect, but it was not unlike any other strained marriage.

A major difference between this third trial and the first and second is what the jurors did. After 11 weeks of testimony, on April 30th, Cal Harris’ fate was once again in the hands of twelve jurors.

On May 5th, the jurors delivered a note to Judge Bartlett, saying they were deadlocked. What this means is that they were unable to come to a unanimous verdict. Judge Bartlett issued what’s called an Allen charge, which is an instruction given to a deadlocked jury, encouraging them to continue deliberating until they reach a verdict. He asked the jurors to keep an open mind and to not hesitate to change their opinions if they feel they initially came to the wrong conclusion.

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