thiessenFormer chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush Marc Thiessen weighed in on the Iran agreement with guest host Leslie Gold on "Kilmeade and Friends" and talked about all the problems he sees with it.

He told Leslie that Iran didn't want to break out as a nuclear power today, they wanted to be a threshold nuclear power so they get a huge financial reward with the lifting of restrictions and will continue to advance their program and break out when they want. Marc also explained that there is no way that Congress could stop this deal, and unfortunately it was the Corcker Bill that gives President Obama power to veto anything Congress does. Marc also explained that Iran won't cheat because the bill gives them a path to a nuclear weapon in the future.

Marc explained to Leslie that President Obama's strategy was to hold off the Iranians just a little and let the next president handle it. He went on to say that because of Obama's foreign policy the next president is going to inherit one of the most dangerous international situations we have ever had.