Cal Harris – Not Guilty! Harris And His Attorney Speak With Wiehl of Justice

For Cal Harris, the fourth time was a charm. Harris was found not guilty of the murder of his wife, Michele Harris in a bench trial(no jury) before Judge Richard Mott on May 24. Harris had been convicted twice before, with those convictions overturned on appeal. His third trial ended in a hung jury. It’s only now that Harris can finally relax, knowing that he can no longer be tried for Michele’s murder.

Wiehl of Justice caught up with Harris and his attorney, Bruce Barket to discuss his long ordeal and how it has impacted his family.

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Ep. 1 Cal Harris Story: The Beginning

Here’s part one of a Wiehl of Justice two-part interview with Harris and Barket on what’s come before, and what’s still on the horizon. Rest assured that Cal has plenty to say!