Ep. 1 – Cal Harris Story: The Beginning

Michele Harris was beautiful, outgoing, and funny when she met her future husband, Calvin Harris. She was working as a secretary at a car dealership that was owned by Cal Harris' brother and he was the son of a wealthy car dealership owner who had become a high-profile businessman in his own right. Michele, a young and vibrant woman, and Cal, a man who stood out as a lacrosse player in high school and college and who had a lot of power in a small town, had all the makings for a perfect relationship.

Or, did they?

Next Episode: Episode 2 - The First Trial

  • Episode 2 - The First Trial
  • Episode 3 - It's All About the Blood?
  • Episode 4 - A Juror Speaks Out
  • Episode 5 - The Second Trial
  • Episode 6 - The Jury is Deadlocked in the Third TrialMuMurder
  • Episode 7 - Bruce Barket, Cal Harris' Defense Attorney, Joins #WiehlOfJustice
  • Episode 8 - Producers Wrap-up
  • Episode 9 - Follow-up with Defense Attorney Bruce Barket before 4th Trial
  • Episode 10 - Cal Harris found not guilty! Speaks about impact of the trials/incarceration on his family
  • Episode 11 - Cal wants justice for those he feels abused their official powers