This first trial is the foundation for all of the subsequent trials.

When I started pouring over all the information related to this case, I may have had a preconceived idea about what happened and whether or not Cal was involved. The more involved I get, though, the more I go back and forth on whether I think Cal had motive enough to kill the mother of his kids.

One thing I know for sure is that the evidence against him is a tad thin. There’s a lot of info about him being a bad husband. But none of that really tells me beyond a reasonable doubt that he’s a murderer.

In the end, though, what really matters is how the jury felt about the evidence. On June 6, 2007, after closing arguments by both sides, judge smith begins his instructions to the jurors.

So I spoke with Angela pro-sin-ski, who was a juror in the first trial. she was one of the twelve who listened to both sides of the story and sat in the courtroom with Cal Harris. She was one of twelve who decided that Cal Harris was guilty.

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