Ep. 7 – Bruce Barket, Cal Harris’ Defense Attorney, Joins #WiehlOfJustice

Based on district attorney Kirk Martin’s comments after the third trial it seems like there will be a fourth trial. A “not guilty” verdict is still a possibility for Cal Harris. However, so far this is the best outcome he has had. In both of the first two trials, he was found guilty. Twelve people in the first trial and twelve in the second were able to agree that Cal Harris killed Michele. But, in the latest trial, only six of the jurors were sure of Cal’s guilt.

That says a lot about Cal’s new legal team which is lead by Bruce Barket. The evidence is not really changing and the witnesses are remaining almost exactly the same from trial to trial. You would have to figure that Mr. Barket, the one arguing on Cal’s behalf, is at least partially responsible for the deadlocked jury.

Mr. Barket specializes in criminal defense cases. He is no stranger to high profile cases and success. Mr. Barket secured the release of Amy Fisher, also known as the “Long Island Lolita,” who was convicted of shooting her lover’s wife. He was also part of the legal team that overturned the double murder conviction and secured the release from prison of Martin Tankleff, who was wrongfully convicted of killing his parents and spent 18 years in prison.

Mr. Barket spent countless hours pouring over this case and has spent a lot of time with Cal. So if there’s anyone with a good grip on what might have happened to Michele, it’d be Bruce Barket.

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