This Week:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday, that she will take steps next week to send impeachment articles to the Senate, after delaying the process for a month. FOX's Senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram, and Jared discuss what we can expect to happen next week and beyond, as the Senate gears up for an impeachment trial.

Pentagon officials are saying a Ukrainian plane that crashed in Tehran following Iran's retaliatory strikes against the U.S. this week, was shot down by mistake, although Iran is denying it. FOX's National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin, talks with FOX's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland about the latest developments.

The House of Representatives voted in favor of a non-binding War Powers Resolution this week, to limit President Trump's military action toward Iran. This follows recent escalations between the two countries. Jared spoke to Wisconsin Republican Congressman Michael Gallagher, who voted against the resolution. Rep Gallagher shares his thoughts on President Trump's recent actions against Iran, and what role Congress should ultimately play in the Iranian conflict.

Billionaire and 2020 presidential candidate Tom Steyer, is surging in two new Fox News polls. Steyer jumping into second place in South Carolina and Nevada polls, trailing behind the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden. Daron Shaw from the Fox News Decision Team talks to Jared about the latest polling data, and what states Democrats should watch out for in the primaries.

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