Veteran journalist Lara Logan's new Fox Nation series takes her to the US-Mexico border to report on drug and human trafficking.

Earlier this week on the Fox News Rundown, Logan sat down with host Chris Foster to describe what she witnessed during her investigation. The former "60 Minutes" correspondent described her conversations with trafficking victims and what it was like to ride along with border patrol agents.

While her new Fox Nation special is "Lara Logan Has No Agenda", Logan has been accused of having one in the past.

This is something she still denies.

During the original conversation with Logan, she also opened up about bias is the journalism business and past accusations that she herself had a conservative-leaning agenda while working at her former employer.

She told Chris Foster that her interest in covering the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, that led to the deaths of four Americans, upset some of the people at CBS News and they openly questioned her objectivity.

Because of time, the segment that ran this week focused on her reporting on the border and could not include Logan's thoughts on media bias and times she experienced managers quelling stories of her that they did not approve of.

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