The House of Representatives took the first formal vote of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump this week with no support from Republicans. Jared and FOX's Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram explain what this week's vote tells us and where impeachment inquiry is heading.

President Trump reacting to the impeachment procedural vote in the Democrat-led House this week, calling it "The greatest witch hunt in American history." Jared and FOX's White House Correspondent Jon Decker discuss how the White House is preparing and what we should expect next.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced this week that the company is banning all political ads from its platform. It's a different approach from the other social media giant Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO says it will continue to run paid political ads despite the intense scrutiny. Jared spoke with FOX Business Network's Grady Trimble about Twitter's decision.

FOX News Headlines 24/7 sports reporter Jared Max joins the From Washington podcast to speak with FOX's Pentagon Correspondent Lucas Tomlinson and FOX's Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt about how the Washington Nationals World Series Championship brought a divided DC together.

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