Last weekend's raid in Syria that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a big victory in America's fight against terrorism.

The operation was named in honor of Kayla Mueller, an American woman who had been a hostage of the Islamic State and is believed to have been tortured and murdered by al-Baghdadi and his terror group.

Earlier this week, Carl and Marsha Mueller, Kayla's parents sat down with Fox News Rundown host Dave Anthony to share their daughter's story, give their reaction to the death of the ISIS leader and discuss their ongoing search for closure.

The Mueller's told the Rundown they were satisfied to hear the news of last week's successful mission, but they are still focused on finding Kayla and bringing her home. They shared the gut-wrenching details of how they learned their daughter was taken by ISIS and how they were informed of her apparent death. But also explain how hard it is to not know where her body is or if she is possibly still alive.

The heartbroken couple also explained why they believe the government had let Kyla and them down from the moment she was kidnapped.

However, because the conversation was so long, not all of it could be used. Some of it never made the Rundown podcast.

On the FOX News Rundown Extra you will hear Dave Anthony's complete conversation with Carl and Marsha Mueller where you'll hear more about Kayla, more about their desperate search for her and how the government's red tape hindered their efforts. In the Extra, you will also hear the Mueller's describe their dealings with both the Trump and Obama administrations and why they have many grievances with the former President.