Greta Shares Her Experiences In Mysterious North Korea

North Korea is one of the most mysterious and secretive places in the world. Very few people actually get the opportunity to visit the country, as its leader does not take kindly to outsiders and an invitation must be extended in order for anyone to enter. Greta Van Susteren happens to be one of the people included in this small circle, with the help of Reverend Franklin Graham, and she’s revealing some of the memories she’s made in North Korea over the years.

In this edition of Greta Talk, Greta reminisces on some of the fascinating experiences she’s had while visiting the enigmatic country, including getting a tour of the navy ship USS Pueblo by a North Korean guide who called American military “cowardly”, staying in a hotel straight out of “The Shining”, and drinking beer and singing Elvis Presley karaoke with some of her minders. Greta also recalls a highly-staged interview she was allowed to conduct with some North Korean field workers.

And why was she denied a request to visit a fourth time because it would be “inappropriate” for her to return?

Listen below to get the inside scoop on North Korea: