Huckabee: Marco Rubio Destroyed His Campaign Once He Tried To Beat Trump At His Own Game

Former 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Gov. Mike Huckabee, called into Kilmeade & Friends and ripped into Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment for trying to take away the votes of the people who are supporting Donald Trump. Huckabee is angry about how strongly the establishment is trying to undermine Trump from winning the GOP nomination and how he believes the establishment is more afraid of Donald Trump becoming president than Hilary Clinton winning the presidency. Huckabee believes if Trump becomes president he will surround himself with good advisors and delegate responsibility.

Huckabee also took a shot at CNN for their story citing anonymous sources that advisors to Sen. Marco Rubio are telling him to drop out. Huckabee called for CNN, or any news organization, to name their sources in a story of this magnitude and told the story of how the same thing happened to him back when he was running for president in 2008.

Plus, Huckabee strongly feels Senator Marco Rubio destroyed his campaign when he tried to emulate Donald Trump’s style of attacks because that is not who Rubio is.

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