Gloria Allred On How the Criminal Justice System Failed Nicole Brown Simpson

In this latest installment of Greta Talk, we continue talking about the notorious O.J. Simpson murder case, but now with a major inside source. Gloria Allred has been practicing law for over 40 years with the leading women’s rights law firm in the country, and she was just the person Nicole Brown Simpson’s family wanted to represent them during the People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson criminal murder case. Allred has become a highly esteemed women’s and civil rights advocate over the years after representing clients in numerous high-profile cases… but this case might’ve been the biggest.

Throughout the murder trial (and still to this day) Allred made a point to shed light on the issue of domestic abuse, something she says “often escalates until the victim ends up dead”. While that certainly seems to be the issue here, Allred reveals how hard it is to understand why O.J. was sentenced to a mere 500 hours of counseling and charity work after beating Nicole black and blue just five years before her murder. Despite being charged with battery O.J. was given the minimum sentence, which Allred believes “was an insult to battered women” and “didn’t accomplish any of the purposes of the criminal justice system”.

Listen below to hear why Allred believes the criminal justice system failed to shield Nicole from domestic violence, why despite having more than sufficient evidence to find O.J. guilty, the verdict was not guilty, and be sure keep your eye out for the next O.J. Simpson installment of Greta Talk!