Security Dangers Of Dating Apps

More than 30-million Americans use online dating to find love, and many of them use apps on their mobile device to do it.

FOX News Radio’s Tonya J. Powers has more on how that may be a back door to stealing your information:

“Cyber INsecurity”

If you’re online dating, you may be more worried about heart-break rather than data-breach.

But Michael Monticillio with IBM security services says some dating apps have flaws that may be sharing more than you want them to.

(Monticillio) “60% of dating apps on mobile devices have serious security flaws that could lead to people accessing parts of the phone that they probably don’t want to have accessed.”

Stuff like what?

(Monticillio) “Your GPS, your camera, your microphone. It could even mean accessing other features like your contact list, your photos that you have stored on your device.”

And those flaws could mean your personal and professional lives could both have a security risk.

(Monticillio) “50% of businesses have people with dating apps on their business devices or are using dating apps and business applications on their personal devices.”

He says we should look at the big picture.

(Monticillio) “These problems that we’re finding — they’re indicative of a much larger issue and that’s mobile apps in general.”

And says to only connect in secure places, not an open WiFi spot.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News Radio.

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