T-Mobile Committed to Building First Nationwide 5G Coverage

T-Mobile is planning to expand service for better coverage and faster speeds, in a move that could propel them to the fore-front of wireless capability.

FOX’s Brett Larson has “FOX on Tech”:

T-Mobile wants to be first to build a nationwide ‘5G’ wireless network.

T-Mobile just scooped up massive amounts of wireless spectrum in a government auction. The space is currently occupied by over-the-air digital TV signals that will soon be relocated. That will give them coast-to-coast coverage that will go a long distance between towers.

In some area’s that will give customers faster service, but for most users it will just mean better coverage, not necessarily faster data service. But the solid signal could also bring wireless connections to other devices like tablets and sensors around your home.

Other wireless carriers, like Verizon and AT&T are experimenting with fast 5G service with the hope of delivering users speeds closer to those you’d see from a wired connection. But those carriers are using higher frequencies which don’t travel far distances.

T-Mobile’s 5G service will roll out later this year. AT&T said they’d roll out in late 2018. Verizon is testing their’s later this year.

With FOX on Tech, I’m Brett Larson, FOX News.

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