Teens Invent App to Prevent Drunk Driving

Some Colorado teenagers have devised a new way to prevent drunk driving.

FOX’s Monica Rix reports with the latest ‘FOX on Tech’:

It’s a concern most people have, you drive to the local watering hole on the weekend, but then, after one too many, you’re worried not just about drunk driving, but leaving your car behind too.

That’s where Beck Halbeisen and Vinny Rowe from Broomfield, Colorado come in. The two teenagers developed the Leave No Car Behind app. It connects the tipsy user to not one, but two drivers. One to take the user home, the other to drive their car home:

(Petrollini) “People have been trying for years to get people to take cabs, to take Uber, to take Lyft, and it’s the same old problem. You can’t get people to leave and leave their car behind.”

Mickey Petrollini is with the Colorado Bar Owners Association.

Now, Halbeisen says the app growing in popularity, but those that use it are still surprised by who exactly shows up to drive:

(Halbeisen) “The first time we go into bars, they’re like, man who are these kids? They’re like how old are you.”

They both say they are hope an investor helps it grow beyond Colorado’s borders.

With FOX on Tech, Monica Rix, FOX News.

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