Robot Food Delivery? Just Head to San Francisco

Robots are getting your food for you, at least in the city by the bay.

FOX’s Brett Larson has “FOX on Tech”:

The robots are coming with your food delivery. In San Francisco, robotic startup Marble robots are working with Eat24 to deliver food. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Marble’s Harrison Shei said for now, robots have a human helper:

(Shei) “For the robot to have a voice to talk to the people, they’re curious about it. To interact with the local businesses, ask some questions.”

For the robot to have a voice to talk to the people that are curious about it. On board, plenty of technology to take in a picture of the surrounding area:

(Shei) “Traveling down the streets a mission, requires a unique set of thing, so we have a series of different sensors, like lidar, cameras and ultrasonic in order for us to sense an all environments. Whether it’s darker out or whether it’s foggy or it’s in a crowded area.”

And all that robot roaming with your food order is giving Marble something else, a more accurate map of the world beneath it’s wheels:

(Shei) “With these sensors we’ve also set up proprietary maps, allows us to understand the world around us.”

The robots are in testing now but are currently unable to climb stairs or go out in the rain.

With FOX on Tech, I’m Brett Larson, FOX News.

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