Using Smartphones to Verify Who We Are

We use our smartphones to do most things, talk, text, even listen to music.

Why not use it to verify who we are? A new study says many people would be on board with that. It would still involve showing a photo:

(Mikell) “But your mobile drivers license could simply say that you’re over the age of 21 versus showing your exact birth date.”

Rob Mikell is with Morpho-Trust, which commissioned the study that found well more than half of respondents would go for having a mobile driver’s license app and using it to renew their license.

As you might expect, millennials gave the prospect the highest rate of approval at 64 percent:

(Mikell) “Pretty overwhelming response and for any company to get that level of response, you’re certainly very excited about moving forward and fulfilling that need in the community.”

In fact for the last two years, it’s gotten a test run in Iowa and with the favorable results, they’re looking to expand there as well as in states like Colorado, Louisiana, Maryland and Virginia.

With FOX on Tech, I’m Gurnal Scott.

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