Facebook’s Latest Update: Stories

Facebook is adding a new features to your timeline.

FOX’s Brett Larson explains:

Facebook users may notice something familiar coming to their timeline. The new Facebook camera feature will let you add special effects to photos and videos.

If that sounds somewhat familiar, it should. It’s very much what users of SnapChat are doing and sharing on Facebook.

Facebook’s calling the new feature: Stories.

The posts will appear above ‘news feed’ on mobile and though Facebook admits it’s a lot like SnapChat, it’s the success of Instagram stories that inspired the social media giant to add the feature.

It also seems after 10 years of just typing out text to update your friends on Facebook, a new way of doing it was long overdue.

They started testing the more visual sharing during the 2016 Olympics and found that sharing photos and videos, at least on Facebook, crosses all age groups, where SnapChat users tend to skew younger.

But for now, any story’s you share on Facebook will be seen by all your friends.

With FOX on Tech, I’m Brett Larson, FOX News.

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