Outsmarting Hackers: Careers In Cyber Security

    (AP Photo/Jon Elswick)
    (AP Photo/Jon Elswick)

    The ongoing war against hackers has caused the number of careers in cyber security to grow.

    FOX News Radio’s Gurnal Scott looks at those who have made their livelihood by outsmarting the infiltrators. 

    “Cyber INsecurity”

    Cyber-security is a growth industry, because good hackers are tough to stop.

    (Barbieri) “Lets face it, they have to get it right, once.”

    Jeffrey Barbieri teaches the ins and outs of protecting hardware. He says hacking started innocently enough…

    (Barbieri) “They said, hey — look what I can do, and they were proud of their work. Nowadays, it’s all about hiding themselves.” 

    Its growth keeps Anthony Fama, who protects corporate systems, in business.

    (Fama)”There’s money in fear and everybody knows that.”

    He says harmful viruses on desktop computers are decreasing, but…

    (Fama) ”The amount of malware on hand-held devices has gone up.” 

    Which means the next attacks are leaving the corporate world, and are coming closer to home.

    Gurnal Scott, FOX News Radio.

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