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On today’s Wine With Me podcast, you’re going to savor…life, family, good friends…and wine.

It is the grand finale of the 5 S’s of wine: See. Swirl. Smell. Sip. Savor.

I’m Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business anchor and Wine With Me columnist, so consider today your graduation.

Think how much we’ve done in preparation: We have tasted wine with vodka, licked a rock, and been blindfolded, just to name a few.

So it is high-time we get to savor it all.

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, my personal Jedi master of wine (@jediwinemaster) is back for the big day.

And let’s be clear, to savor wine, you do not slug it from the bottle or throw a straw in your glass.

Instead, you take a big luscious sip, swish it like mouthwash, and attempt to understand all the wacky sensations going on in your mouth.

Today you’re going to learn how to taste the difference between a higher quality wine and a lower quality wine. You’ll understand length, finish and balance.


So you’re going to need three wines – all the same varietal, but all different prices. Jen brought us three chardonnays – one at $8, one at $15 and one at $45.

Think I could tell the difference? Think price matters?

Listen in.

Happy Graduation!


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