What’s Up With These Next-Gen Winemakers? It’s Complicated…

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Maybe I’m getting old, but I love watching younger generations climb the ranks and do things a little differently. The next generation in Napa is doing just that.

Taken Wine Guys

Josh Phelps and Carlo Trinchero grew up in Napa, went to grammar school together, and after a bunch of alternative routes they’ve created the Taken Wine Company and are now making some great wine together.

Phelps learned from one of the best. His father Chris was the head winemaker for prestigious vineyards like Caymus and Dominus. And Trinchero’s dad is the CEO of Trinchero Family Estates, the 65-year-old Napa Valley wine company.

So these guys have pedigree, but they are as cool as they come and you’d want to hang out with them all day.

Their goal is to make amazing wines that are drinkable today and accessible to everyone.

Taken Wines

We tasted four of their wines:

2013 “Complicated” Chardonnay, $18
2013 “Complicated” Pinot Noir, $20
2012 “Complicated” Red Wine, $20 (Grenache-based)
2012 “Taken” Red Wine, $30 (60% cabernet / 40% Merlot)

You have to listen as to why the wines are called “Taken” and “Complicated” but if you’re thinking relationship issues, you’re not far off.

Good stuff.

Cent’ Anni.

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