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Hi, I’m Tracy Byrnes. Welcome to the Wine with Me podcasts!

As an anchor for the Fox Business Network, I’ve been covering the wine industry since 2010 through my Wine With Me column on

This is so exciting for me because I love talking and learning about wine, and now we get to talk more, learn more and most importantly, taste more — together.

So I’m calling in the experts, but I’m only recruiting the pros I want to hang with. This is no place for wine snobs. This is going to be uber-approachable and uber-fun! We’re going to taste and learn, and if it smells like my son’s dirty socks, I’m going to say so!

Just as diamonds are judged by the “4 C’s”, we’re going to be introducing a concept called “The 5 S’s of Wine”. We’ll begin discussing this in today’s and future podcasts.

For this podcast, we are going to learn how to really taste wine. I mean wake up your tongue and taste it. I called in my girl Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, my personal Jedi master of wine (@jediwinemaster). She’s actually one of 10 women in the country with the “Master of Wine” title, so she pretty much knows what she’s doing.

Wine With Me Episode One Ingredients

To play along with us, you’re going to need a few things. To start, you will need an inexpensive, middle-of-the-road bottle of Pinot Grigio. Don’t go nuts because we’re going to doctor it up. Then go find some sugar, a few drops of lemon juice, a little cinnamon and some vodka — yes, vodka. Now it’s a party! So grab your stuff, settle in and hang out with us while Jen teaches us all how to begin to really taste that fabulous glass wine.

Listen here:

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Cent’ Anni.

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