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Ever wonder why the wine snobs hold their glass up to the light before they taste it?

I’m Tracy Byrnes, Fox Business anchor and Wine With Me columnist, and it drives me nuts when the snobs do that in my house. Why? Because then everyone can still see the lipstick on the glass I clearly didn’t wash well.

Photo Credit: Maciej Kozlowski
Photo Credit: Maciej Kozlowski

Well, thankfully they’re not looking for lipstick. They want to “see” the wine they’re about to taste.

And “seeing” is one of the 5 S’s of wine that we have been talking about: See. Swirl. Smell. Sip. Savor.

Learning how to really “see” your wine helps your brain prepare for the fabulousness that is to come.

So we’re going to tackle that with your wine today. We will also touch on swirling it – without spilling it on yourself – which is always my worry.

(Here’s a hint: practice swirling with water.)

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, my personal Jedi master of wine (@jediwinemaster) who also happens to be a legitimate Master of Wine, is back with us.

Wine With Me Episode Two Wines

You’re going to need two white wines – a young and an old. We used a young chardonnay and a sherry, believe it or not.

Plus, you’ll need two red wines – again, young and old. Jen brought us two Riojas – the young Crianza and the old Gran Reserva. But any varietal will work.

Oh, and wait… you’re going to need a blindfold.


Come along and find out why!

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Cent’ Anni.

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