Fox Nation Presents: Women of the Bible Speak

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FOX Nation Presents: The Women of the Bible Speak

The FOX Nation Presents Podcast Series will spotlight a selection of the content produced across the FOX Nation platform. The first season of the new series features anchor Shannon Bream as she goes behind the scenes of her book “The Women of the Bible Speak,” and its complementary video special. Bream is joined by a number of guests who will tell the stories of the women who have inspired generations through their faith and courage. “The Women of the Bible Speak” is the second title of the new FOX News Books platform which launched in the fall of 2020.

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This week, Shannon sits down to talk with History Fellow at Emory University, specializing in Biblical scholarship and early Christian theology, Mary Grace Dupree.

This week, Shannon sits down with former FOX News Reporter, Molly Hennenberg, to share the stories of Martha and Mary, two treasured sisters in Jesus’s inner circle.

On this episode, Shannon is joined by Kirsten Watson to breakdown the stories of Sarah from the Bible and the wisdom she imparts.

On this episode, Shannon sits down with educator, speaker, and most importantly, her own mother, Marie Norris. 

This week, Shannon is joined by author Megan Alexander to share the stories of Mary Mother of God, and how she set an example for women in the Bible and demonstrated how to walk in faith.

On this episode, Shannon is joined by CEO and President of Concerned Women for America and host of the podcast, Concerned Women for America Penny Nance to share the stories of Deborah and Jael. Listen now!