FOX Nation Presents podcasts, Women of the Bible Speak. Shannon Bream host of FOX News @ Night and author of the new book Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today examines the timeless stories of women in the Bible.

On this episode, Shannon is joined by author of “Faith In The Spotlight” and Inside Edition National Correspondent Megan Alexander to share the stories of Mary Mother of God, and how she set an example for women in the Bible and demonstrated how to walk in faith.

First, they discuss the way in which Mary assumed the responsibility for the mission that God was called on her for and how she balanced her role as a mother with her son’s role as the Messiah. Later, they discuss Mary Magdalene’s journey in the Bible embodying the longing to find goodness in life and the significance that the first-person Jesus appeared before after he was resurrected was a woman.

Available on March 30th, pre order your book here.

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