Americans on the Hook for Half a TRILLION to Care for ILLEGALS?!

Americans, are you ready to shell out HALF A TRILLION dollars to care for illegal aliens in this country?

I sure as heck am not!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

According to the new report released by House Homeland Security Committee Republicans, American taxpayers could be on the hook for a whopping $451 billion dollars to care for illegal aliens who have been let in and then released in our nation.

To put that in perspective and as noted by Congressman Jim Jordan, that number is MORE than the entire state budgets of California and Ohio COMBINED.

This Homeland GOP report is broken into 9 sections of costs incurred, including health care, law enforcement, education, welfare, housing and more!

All together, the report estimates we are on the hook for nearly half a trillion bucks.

That is money that COULD be spent on better education for citizens, housing for the homeless including our veterans and more!

A chunk of that money we are wasting on illegals could also be allocated to…I don’t know.. finishing the WALL and securing our border so we STOP the invasion and STOP the hemorrhaging of our tax dollars.

It pays to have Biden in the White House, but ONLY if you are a NON-CITIZEN!

America, dead last.

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