SF Cleaned… to Impress a Dictator?

Ever heard of lipstick on a pig? Well that’s exactly what officials did to San Francisco to spruce things up ahead of a visit by China’s dictator.

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way! San Francisco’s notorious Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods have been, shall we say “sanitized” ahead of the highly anticipated Asian Summit this week.

The tents, the homeless encampments, the needles, the open air drug markets, the feces- all cleaned, cleared up and spotless!

These typically filthy and dangerous areas are now UNRECOGNIZABLE in the best way, but likely for one week only!

Yes, these areas have been scrubbed but not for the betterment of the city or its residents…but rather to impress China’s dictator when he arrives to meet with President Biden.

California Governor Newsom ADMITTED as much to the press last week! In fact, he gloated about cleaning up San Fran JUST to make a good impression on Xi Jinping!

This just goes to show that California CAN be saved and can be a decent place to live, but only if the elected Democrats who run it feel the cause is worthy.

Tax-paying residents and families, not a priority.

Impressing a Chinese dictator, a TOP priority!

Californians, your leaders have made it clear how LITTLE they value you. Perhaps stop voting for them!

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