Barbie Outrage

The Barbie movie officially hit theaters over the weekend and some of my fellow conservatives really have their panties in a twist over it..

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The Barbie movie has only been out for a few days at this point but it’s already crushing the box office and..apparently it’s also triggering some of my fellow conservatives.

And I don’t get it.

The biggest criticism of the movie is that Ken and all the other male characters portrayed in the movie are dumb and weak and/or sexist.

Some of my fellow conservatives are ticked off about that and feel like this movie is anti-man and shows men in a bad light.

Ok newsflash for you…no duh. It’s a movie about a fictional doll living in a Barbie dreamland of pink, glitter and high ponytails.

Did you think this was a remake of Rocky? I mean..come on now.. the outrage over this is a little much.

I’m all for fighting the culture war and all for pushing back on some of the wokeness displayed in popular culture but the faux outrage over this movie is not a good look and also kind of annoying.

We’ve got a lot of battles to fight for the heart of this country and I don’t think picking this one is strategic or useful in the slightest.

And furthermore, if you don’t want your daughters or your wives to watch Barbie because it’s too “woke,” y’all men better also boycott the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, and every other professional sporting event because they are ALL far more woke than the Barbie movie!!

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