Cold Showers for Climate Change

The climate cult is coming after your hot showers to which I say, over my cold dead body.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

The climate mafia will stop at nothing to ruin our lives. 

They want your gas stoves, your gas-powered vehicles, your leaf blowers and your light bulbs and now this, your hot showers. 

According to an article put out by the Washington Post “climate solutions” writer Allyson Chiu, we should all start taking cold showers to save Mother Earth and reduce our energy footprint. 

She also argues we shouldn’t pre-rinse dishes or use hot water in our washing machines. 

It would seem to me these climate cultists just want to strip us of all things effective and enjoyable in an effort to make us all miserable Liberals like they appear to be. 

Thousands of readers have commented on the article and most are not positive. 

Plus, I highly doubt these climate overlords practice what they preach. 

Do they shower in cold? Do they ride bikes to work? Do they use composting toilets? 

Until then, they can pound sand with their “expert guidance!” 

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