The Woke Left Turns on Chief’s Kicker Harrison Butker

The NFL puts out  a statement distancing the league from Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker.

So much for “inclusion.”

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

After delivering a faith-based and anti-woke commencement address, Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker is under fire from the woke left. 

If you missed Butker’s speech I suggest you go watch it but in summary, he criticized leftist liberal groupthink, called out pride pushers and Joe Biden. 

In response the NFL put out a statement saying Butker’s views don’t match the league’s and that the NFL is committed to “inclusion.”

The NFL is committed to inclusion but the inclusion doesn’t include worldviews like Butker’s. Ok. 

The NFL and all the other DEI wardens yammer on about diversity but only of color and pronouns, not thought.

This is all so exhausting. Cancel culture is coming for Butker just as it did Anthony Bass, the now former blue jays pitcher who dared to repost an instagram reel criticizing Target and Bud light. 

Stand strong, Harrison, a lot of people have your back!

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