Governor Gavin Newsom Blames Budget Shortfall on Climate Change

California Overlord Gavin Newsom was asked why his state is such a disaster and his answer, climate change. 

The usual!

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So California is a mess. Some of the highest taxes in the nation, with more gas taxes en route, and yet, the state has a budget deficit of nearly $45 billion. 

That’s some pretty good handiwork on Gavin’s part given the state once had a budget surplus of $100 billion and the California economy is indeed the 5th largest in the world. 

When asked about his state’s embarrassing multi billion dollar deficit, Gavin relied on a familiar scapegoat, climate change. 

$45 billion dollar budget deficit blamed on historic rain?

Or could it be that his state is hemorrhaging residents and businesses?

Or perhaps bankrupting the budget to provide for illegal aliens? 

Or that bullet train to nowhere…

And let’s not forget about that state audit from last month which detailed how the state can’t really account for $20 billion it spent on the homeless crisis. 


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