LeBron Calls Boston Fans “Racist”

LeBron is at it again, anyone who doesn’t bow to the “King” is labeled a “racist?”

That’s not how it works, LeBron!

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LeBron James had quite the week, first he stuck his large foot in his large mouth when he suggested if he were the WNBA player Brittney Griner stranded in Russia, he might not even want to return to the USA.

And now this. On the HBO show “The Shop,” LeBron expressed his hatred for Boston saying its fans are “racist.”

LeBron said Celtics fans are ruthless and recounted a time he had a beer thrown on him after a game-all unpleasant things no doubt- but is that racism?

LeBron, everyone who heckles, challenges or just plain doesn’t like you isn’t a racist, they just don’t like you!

And to say Boston fans are “racist” as a blanket statement is a pretty big accusation to levy.

It’s also bizarre LeBron would admit to hating Boston when he is, in fact, an investor in the Boston Red Sox for cryin’ out loud!

Once again, LeBron misses the mark.

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