Democrat Congressional Candidate Tweets “DIE MAGA DIE.”

A Democrat congressional candidate from New York tweeted “Die MAGA die” proving once again, the Democrat Party is dedicated to finding new lows.

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It’s no secret Democrats look down their noses at Trump supporters but when does political disagreement become an actual threat? 

Let’s ask New York Democratic congressional candidate Nate McMurray who, while celebrating the House passage of Ukraine aid, decided to also tweet “Die MAGA Die,” posting it for the whole world to see.

McMurray is running to represent New York’s 26th congressional district which encompasses parts of Erie and Niagara counties. 

While I understand New York is a blue state ruled almost entirely by Democrats but maybe, just maybe, cheering for the death of Trump supporters is a bridge too far even for Democrats?

I would hope so. 

This anti-MAGA rhetoric often comes from the same people and the same party that incessantly squawks about January 6th and the need to return dignity and respect to politics. 

The hypocrisy is rich but not at all surprising.

Democrats keep sinking lower and lower. 

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