Chicago Approved another $70 MILLION for Migrant Crisis

Chicago City Council approved another $70 million to care for illegal immigrants despite pushback from residents. 

Question is, will they keep voting Democrat? 

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

Illegal immigration is bankrupting America and its blue cities and states that will be hit hardest. 

Take Chicago, for example. Their city council members just approved another $70 million in funding to be directed towards care for illegal immigrants. 

This move comes even after growing and loud backlash from Chicago residents sick and tired of being left in the dust.

Now this additional $70 million is in ADDITION to the $150 million that has already been allocated to the city’s migrant crisis. 

Mayor Brandon Johnson is also calling on the federal government to subsidize EVEN MORE. 

What he OUGHT to be asking for is a sealed and enforced border but no, that’s never the demand.

It is, and always has been, for more taxpayer money. 

As angry as Chicago residents are becoming over this colossal slap in the face, I have to wonder if they will stop voting for the Democrats who are doing it? 

Sadly, they likely will. 

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