Anti-Semitism Coddled on Ivy League Campuses

Ivy League university administrators stand down as pro-Hamas and pro-terrorist mobs intimidate Jewish students. 

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Ivy League universities are supposed to foster and educate the nation’s bed and brightest minds but that tradition is in the toilet. 

Rather, these elite universities such as but not limited to: Yale and Columbia, have instead become festering hot beds for anti-semitism and anti-American campus thugs!

I’m all for free speech, but what these anti-israel and pro-terror campus mobs are doing and advocating for is well outside of protected speech. 

Yet, campus administrators do nothing.

When Rabbis resort to advising Jewish students to stay at home or indoors for fear they will be targeted and attacked, well that’s when you know things have gotten beyond the scope of the First Amendment. 

And let me also say this, if your brat kid is out there protesting for Islamic terrorism, I think it should go without saying that you have utterly failed as a parent. 


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