Joe Biden greets the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia with a fist bump as the two countries embark on an “energy security” discussion.

Hey Joe, perhaps you should visit South Dakota and the Keystone XL pipeline you cancelled!

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When Joe was running for president, he vowed to make Saudi Arabia a “global pariah” after the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But that’s all apparently gone out the window now that gas prices are becoming a political problem for Democrats.

Now Joe and the Saudi Prince and fist-bumping it up! They say the bump is due to COVID concerns but could it be Joe doesn’t want to be photographed shaking the prince’s hand…hmm..

Handshake or not, Joe is cozying up to Saudi Arabia and would love for these oil-rich Arab nations to pump more oil to bring down fuel prices, yet he and his fellow Democrats have done everything they can to keep DOMESTIC energy production down! Weird!

Joe, you could’ve saved some air miles by visiting the sites of cancelled US pipelines, instead!

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