Columbia University Goes Remote due to Protests

Columbia University will offer a remote learning option for the remainder of the semester due to the pro-terror protesters infesting the campus grounds. 

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Columbia University announced classes will be remote optional for the remainder of the semester due to pro-terror activists and their pro-terror tantrums. 

So decent students are still expected to shell out $70k a year to attend Columbia where they are unsafe and where they must hide behind a zoom screen due to the universities inability and unwillingness to reign in the jihadis on campus? 

Do y’all notice none of this mess is happening in red states? That’s not a coincidence that is good governance. 

When you look at these campus mobs you’ll notice that, for the most part, they all look the same. 

Mostly white green-hairs in masks jumping around like imbeciles chanting support for an ideology and extremist interpretation of a religion that would kill every single one of them. 

Also, it’s pretty wild when you realize the COVID sheep, BLM thugs, rainbow mafia, climate huggers, and pro-Hamas folks are…the same darn people.

Which is gonna make it really awkward when pride month rolls around…

It is clear that schools have failed and parents have failed. 

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